“Knowing someone was holding me accountable for my goals motivated me to stick to them and try things I would not have done on my own, even though they are good for me. Through working with Raychel, I have made significant progress on both long- and short-term goals that bring me closer to my vision of my ideal self. This progress, along with Raychel’s insight and support, has led me to continue working on my goals on my own. Additionally, because I tend  to be pretty hard on myself, it felt good to have a cheerleader – someone who would help me celebrate my successes.”

~ Melissa S.

“I myself have been a Life Coach for nearly ten years and was blow away by Raychel's natural talent and passion for this field. I have worked with and trained many coaches over the years and Raychel stands out from the crowd! I hired her to support me through a challenging time in my own personal health, wellness and fitness… the post second baby body blahs. Raychel helped me come up with a plan that moved me gently out of this stuck place and on to the next level in my life. Now, 10 months later, I have lost that 15lbs, gotten into an invigorating exercise program, and most importantly, feel comfortable and confident with myself. Raychel's listening skills, motivational techniques, knowledge of health / fitness and dedication to me as her client not only got me on track but had me stay on track!”

~ Laura Geduldig

“I first met Raychel when I was fighting a serious illness. Her motivating approach has helped me take a pro-active role in my recovery, health and wellness. With Raychel's knowledge and creative ideas, I have made significant habit shifts in my nutrition, fitness and stress management. Raychel has worked alongside me to develop better tools and practices that support the things I value and the way I want to live my life.”

~ Carla D.